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Katie Hall

Legato Massage

Graduated MTI 2018

Massage Therapist and Professional Musician

“MTI made it possible for me to travel and pursue music while also allowing me to get my massage license. Now I am able to pursue both of my passions with my table and PA system living in my car. I am still traveling and bringing comfort and relaxation through massage and music.”

“Michael was an incredible teacher. He truly wanted to see each of us succeed and took time to work with each of us individually to make sure that we were really understanding the methods of massage therapy.”

Jessie Vaillancourt

Farm to Table Massage

Graduated MTI 2018


“I am a full time LMT, sole proprietor. I love having my own business and setting my own schedule and policies. The freedom I have to continue learning whatever strikes my fancy is fabulous. Currently, I am studying CranioSacral Therapy. Being an LMT has opened doors for me as a birth and death doula as well.”

Megan Biggs Cole

Dandelion Massage

Graduated MTI 2022


“I am currently practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT), and Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (CMLDT). I got my start at MTI and it has allowed me to start my own business and given me to tools to successfully develop and aid an ever-growing client base.”

“I loved the casual learning environment, especially during hands-on portions, where there was a lovely exchange between all the students and instructors that was educational but also fun and relaxed.”

Kira Pećarina

Rambling Fitness

Graduated MTI 2022

LMT and Personal Trainer

“MTI allowed me to get licensed as a massage therapist and learn new techniques.”

Mariah Thurston

Bare Necessities Massage

Graduated MTI 2023

Masseuse and Office Manager

“Mike is such an incredible teacher! He is so kind and truly cares about each of his students success. I loved the flexibility that the course offered and I came out of it with so much knowledge about the human body and felt confident entering the work field. I am no able to have a better work-life balance and have loved being able to serve people through massage.”

Kelsey Simonson

Meadowlark Therapeutic Massage

Graduated MTI 2023

Prenatal and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Kamila Lasota Stranz

Kamila Lasota Stranz LMT LLC

Graduated MTI 2023


Jessica Donsbach

HeartsEase Massage

Graduated MTI 2024

Massage Therapist

“Quality training in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Ability to complete coursework on my own time.”