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The MBLEx Exam

After you graduate from MTI, you will be ready to sit for the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards MBLEx Exam.

Why MBLEx? 

  • Your state massage board members are the directors of this non-profit organization.
  • Satisfies the need for:
    • consistent scopes of practice and entry level standards across the country
    • a valid and reliable licensing exam that would that would be accepted by all jurisdictions
    • a common database with licensing and disciplinary information and the ability to store critical documents

Class Hours Breakdown

  • Anatomy Physiology & Kinesiology: 190 Hours
  • Massage Theory: 100 Hours
  • Massage Theory Application: 235 Hours
  • Pathology: 65 Hours
  • Ethics: 10 Hours
    TOTAL HOURS: 600 Hours


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