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Message from the Director

Dear prospective massage therapist,

I have been directing massage schools in Montana since 1999. During these years we graduated several hundred students into the massage therapy profession. Many of our student graduates have been sought after and often preferred by spa owners, wellness and medical clinics. Through these years I learned a lot about massage education, how students learn, and how to blend scholastic training with hands-on education . I also realize the commitment and work it takes to keep a school's original vision of excellence.

From these years of experience as a massage school owner, director and instructor and as a successful massage therapist, I have developed a comprehensive 600 hour course that provides students the essential elements needed to become a superior massage therapist. I have developed a massage training program that includes:

  1. a great education
  2. an affordable price
  3. schedule flexibility with weekend classes and a blended learning style

Blended learning combines face to face, hands on training in the weekend classes  with the Blended learning style of instructional delivery. Blended Learning is defined as a combination of face to face and online instruction in which the student learns  in part at a supervised brick and mortar location and in part through online deliver with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace. At MTI we employ the "Enriched-Virtual" model of blended learning which includes a whole school experience where students divide their time between attending the weekend classes and learning remotely using online delivery of content and instruction.

Because of these curriculum options, we have students traveling from cities across the region for our massage training program! Students at MTI have complete access to the instructor for guidance in every class taught on a daily basis.  MTI offers only those courses online that do not need hands-on demonstration and guidance. This makes it possible for the weekend classes to focus on instructor demonstration with student application and practice of therapeutic procedures and techniques. It isn't possible to receive an excellent massage therapy education without having a solid hands-on, instructor guided training. It is of very high priority to MTI that graduating massage therapists exit their training having been put to the test in their hands-on skills, as well as proving their scholastic ability. To assure the student has a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, final exams in every course are administered. The result is that students graduating from MTI maintain good retention of the subject matter and are well prepared to practice as top notch professional massage therapists as well as pass the MBLEx licensing exam.

MTI also offers in the certification program, advanced massage training with the American Version Neuromuscular Certification Program. NMT training enables the therapist to enter the massage profession with muscle and region specific treatment techniques and protocols needed for excellence in treatment of specific conditions. As an example of its educational value, NMT training by itself would cost approximately $2000 plus travel as a continuing education course.

MTI now offers to the student the option of honing their massage therapy skills by working in our student clinic! The student now can schedule themselves to work in the MTI Student Clinic at a time and day (Monday thru Friday) that works for them. The student will earn additional hours in the clinic toward their graduation certificate with this practicum opportunity. In this setting the general public will be making online appointments with a student massage therapist. Out of town students have the first option to schedule into Friday and Monday appointment on the weekends that classes are held. We also hold "Special Massage Saturdays" one Saturday a month.  All students perform five one hour sessions. The community loves it!

Excellent massage therapists continue to be needed! The United States Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment of massage therapists is expected to grow by projected to grow 32 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. Continued growth in the demand for massage services will lead to new openings for massage therapists.

MTI also offers NRT Training which stands for Neural Reset Therapy as an elective course. This course is taught by my son Jeff Eayrs. Jeff Eayrs graduated the spring of 2002 from my school the Montana Institute of Massage Therapy in Kalispell, MT. He started a massage practice in Kalispell, MT directly after graduating, which is thriving to this day. He's known locally for his effective, therapeutic results among doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other fellow therapists. So many years of practicing massage have given Jeff a familiarity with the body and an intuition that When you give the body the right thing, then it will respond immediately and measurably. Jeff became certified in NRT and immediately started using it in his practice. Multiple long-term clients who were dealing with chronic pain patterns and muscle dysfunction experienced significant changes after receiving NRT. Seeing such consistent results from NRT inspired Jeff to become a certified instructor. He desires to teach others to see how reliable and life-changing NRT can be to the therapeutic world.

MTI also offers the nations best continuing education workshops. Some internationally recognized instructors have taught workshops at MTI over the past 23 years. Judy Delany, Ralph Stephens, Dr. Joseph Muscolino &  Bob Mcatee are some of the instructor.

Come join the Massage Training Institute Montana educational experience! Our massage certification program runs from October thru May. You will be well prepared to pass the MBLEx exam and become a state licensed massage therapist. With weekend classes, you won't need to quit your current job to fulfill your dream!

I look forward to meeting with you personally! Fill out the Information Request Form then go to the Enroll tab for "Steps to Enroll". We welcome your inquiry and look forward to meeting you!

Michael Eayrs